Self Storage Solutions

We find that our clients require self storage for a variety of reasons.  Over the past hundred years we have provided collection, storage and delivery of our clients effects, offering peace of mind to both personal and business clients.

Personal Storage

In today’s housing market sellers are often keen to keep their buyers committed until the final completion papers are filed.  This sometimes means storing your effects until your new home is ready to move into otherwise you may lose you sale if you delay your old home sale, you really don’t want to break the chain, as a result your effects need to be placed into storage at very short notice and often for an unknown amount of time.  Therefore you need to rely on a removal and storage company that are flexible to their client’s individual needs, a company like Chapmans of Cardiff.  The main reasons that our clients need personal storage are:

  • Temporary storage between house moves.
  • Renting whilst your new house sale completes.
  • Re-decorating your home and need temporary storage for all of your valuables.
  • Office at home and need space for important files or documents.
  • Renting a property that simply does not have enough room.

Business Self Storage:

We find that we are accommodating more and more for businesses when it comes to their storage needs.  We find that there are a variety of reasons that businesses now need storage, they are as follows:

  • Storing of excess stock.
  • Store any promotional material.
  • Store and office equipment during refurbishment.
  • Storing end of sale items.
  • Store files and important documentation off-site.

Student Self Storage:

Students often choose to stay away from their campus during breaks in the terms or some simply decide to take a gap year and go travelling.  You then have a choice either haul your belongings home and back again or leave them in your halls of residence and risk being broken into.

Our student storage is an ideal way of storing your effects between terms because we can offer you storage at a low cost.  Some of our student clients share storage with friends to make it cheaper for them in the holidays.

Whatever reasons you may need storage for Chapmans of Cardiff will always have the answer.  Simply call us on 029 2076 1538 and we can discuss matters further with you.  Students often email us their enquiries whereby one of our advisers then contact them back, email us at

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